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CUBIC is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 in Austria. It mainly focuses on providing disadvantaged young people with the chance to participate in a mobility project abroad. Beside this, it offers training and support for young workers and is involved in adult education schemes.

Analysis of the project according to the five dimensions of EMP project :


We directly invited former participants of our projects, young people in support structures or with special needs, but we also had an open call through our own channels or channels of partners, as for example the regional youth information centre. We ended up with quite a mix of backgrounds, and a diverse group of learners who were sharing knowledge and enhancing the adventure of learning with each other and from each other.


[..] According to our principle of works, our aim was to open up a safe space of learning and experiencing self-effectiveness where every participant could feel at ease. In all the workshops, a social worker was present to support the mutual learning in the group and encourage group processes. Translation was offered when needed.


Filming is co-creative work, the participants had to work in teams to reach the aims of the workshop. They shared tasks, thoughts, backgrounds, knowledge and skills among them. Of course this takes time: to know each other better, to dare to share, … but this was eased by the feeling of safety. Participants were invited to take an active role, and to be as self-organized as possible.


Participants were asked at the end of each workshop if they liked it, what they would need or propose for the next activity, if they would change something, if they have the intention to take part in the next round: they liked it a lot, they would not change, they confirmed their participation. There were participants inviting a friend for the next workshop. We got spontaneous feedback - through whatsapp an email. Examples:

  • “great workshop, can I have the email contact of the facilitator – to thank him, and ask him more questions about filming”
  • “thanx to the team for making things possible”
  • “Hi to all that accompany and support me! End of October, I participated in a marvellous filming project, now I was part of a radio broadcasting session! It was really fun!! Here you find the link for our live session: https://we.tl/LQTJQGtUKS”


Mediawork is about movement. Inner movement makes things possible. In the most recent workshop, our participants have described in interviews what kind of media has affected them, impressed them, moved them. You have to be moved to change something. This is a starting point of a deeper reflection: what makes me do things.

Description of CUBIC’s prototype

Our prototype is a “pop-up media lab”.

We invite an open group of young people to participate in a workshop series on filming and broadcasting with experts. The workshops are held on weekends, are freely accessible, free of charge, they are guided by media professionals and accompanied socio-pedagogically to warrant undiscriminated participation.

We are using different scenarios: the facilities of the cultural centre Bäckerei, the media centre for the region of Tyrol, the old city, an former base station of a closed-down cable car, the cafeteria of Bäckerei, ... With the choice of these facilities we also want to provide different spatial frames for our learning spaces, to put them into contrast and correlation, and to link their different “topology” to the concepts of openness and process orientation.

With our MediaLab work we want to foster creativity in young people, and we see the workshops as a general door opener for cultural activity. We want that young people experience new situations, dare to experiment with the situation, get new insights, reach new forms of expression. The young participants are gaining competences not only in a „technical“ way, but in a holistic approach, they get the opportunity to experience learning as a common process, where learners support each other mutually.

The young people are encouraged to engage actively with the world of media and information, to put things in question, and to dare new approaches by developing new forms of expression.

Young people get in contact (mostly for the first time) with radio and film culture, and contribute with their imagery and sound production to a cultural dialogue. The expert-led workshops are not only an invitation and impulse for civic participation, but also a first step to professional commitment with radio and film.

Our CUBIC MediaLab workshops so far were on Filming, Editing (workshops 1 +2) Interviewing, Broadcasting (workshops 3 + 4), and Filming with a special focus on Lighting. Participants: up to 10 people.

  • MEDIALAB-Workshop „Cameras & Filmmaking 1“ 23.09. – 24.09. 2017
  • MEDIALAB-Workshop „Cameras & Filmmaking 2“ 14. – 15.10. 2017
  • MEDIALAB-Workshop “Radio workshop 1” 25. – 26.11. 2017
  • MEDIALAB-Workshop “Radioworkshop 2” 16.12.2017
  • MEDIALAB-Workshop „Lighting1“ 17.-18.3.2018
  • MEDIALAB-Workshop „Lighting2“ 26.-27.5.2018