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Welcome inside the Wiki of the European Medialab Praxis project supported by the European Erasmus + program. The European Medialab Praxis project brings together six European organisations carrying digital projects in order to foster civic youth participation. Together, we will experiment, test and model what a European network of Medialabs could be. We will compare our work methods and develop new mediation tools. We will build a users community who will follow the same methodology to create resources on new media. This Wiki aims to capitalise and formalise our civic innovation processes.

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The 4 Phases of the Project

After a collective cycle of reflection on popular education, digital technologies, social inclusion and professional integration of young people, each partner will prototype a citizen laboratory, the socalled “Medialab”, dedicated to production, research and scattering/diffusion of digital projects.

Phase 1 - From Septembre 2016 to May 2017
Launch Event. Outputs : Manifest, Multilingual Dictionary, Tumblr. First Transnational Meeting and Training in Marseille (France). Dates : 14th - 17th December 2016.
Phase 2 - From June to December 2017
Construction of the prototypes. Outputs : Framework of reference, Medialab Guideline. Second Transnational Meeting in Insbruk (Austria). Dates : 06th - 10th June 2017.
Phase 3 - From January to June 2018
Experimentation and first results. Output : Documentation. Third Transnational Meeting and Dissemination Event. Dates : February 2018.
Phase 4 - From July to September 2018
Spreading of the final results. Output : MOOC. Fourth Transnational Meeting and Dissemination Event in Finland. Dates : July 2018.

The Manifesto

Based on the thinking of the six partner organizations of the European Medialab Praxis project, the EMP Manifesto is a declaration of intention drafted collectively on December 16th 2016 at the first transnational meeting of the European Medialab Praxis project. Originally written in English, the text was translated into each of the languages spoken by the consortium.


We believe in cooperation, that two together is greater than 1+1. Sharing experiences with other people starts a "snow-ball" effect that leads to an exponential growth of interaction and expression. We believe in a neutral and open environment that represents equality, giving people free access to share ideas on digital communication.

We share a common understanding that everyone has the potential to have a positive influence on society. This gives endless opportunities to work collaboratively, enabling a positive change for a more sustainable future. We share a common understanding that a medialab using an open door policy, allows the freedom of expression to promote good practices within the community.

We will promote good practices through the sharing of methods and ideas to propose guidelines and innovations for a forward thinking community. We will explore, discover and comprehend the new digital technology to inspire a change for more positive and active communities.

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About the Wiki EMP

The Wiki EMP is a ressource space for the partners involved in European Medialab Praxis Project, their networks and their publics. It allows the storage and sharing of materials produced before, during and after the experimentation.
The Wiki EMP facilitates the dissemination of articles written by the consortium with contents freely verifiable, reusable and as objective as possible, that each contributor can modify and improve.
Each subject covered in the Wiki EMP will be adapted in all the languages ​​spoken within the consortium: English, French, German, Italian and Suomi.
Contributors will pay maximum attention to the intellectual property of textual, visual and sound contents.
Each contributor remains fully responsible for the claims that are published and has to validate their veracity before submitting them. Special attention will be given to enriching articles with verifiable sources.
Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.

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